Kelp Kingdom - Original Artwork


Original watercolour painting by British artist Kate Morgan RI.

Kelp Kingdom, on heavyweight rag paper, framed.

Kelp Kingdom highlights the beauty of discovering and exploring a kelp forest underwater. An experience very few get to enjoy but can imagine what creatures maybe discovered there, the colours, the textures, the magic that can be found within.

These paintings are a mix of dreamlike imagination; and a firm love and appreciation of the natural world. Now more than ever, the wildlife found in our oceans and who we share our planet with should be celebrated and treasured.

My work highlights what we know about the natural world, in the detailed reference I use when I create a painting; but also the mysteries of what we do not know. When I allow my imagination to run wild and invent fascinating spectacles of sights unseen. Only to ever be found in our wildest dreams.

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