Times Square, New York


Kate's artwork celebrates nature, fusing colour and imagination to create paintings that represent the lushness and beauty of the natural world. Detail and drama combine to conjure up dreamlike worlds, untouched by humankind.

''Kate Morgan's dream-like detailed paintings glow with the exotic. Jewel-bright flowers twine with creeping lianas, and her beautiful animals appear serene in the colourful vegetation. Her vision of the jungle is a joy in the beauty and sheer variety of nature. It is a world of beauty and abundance, untroubled by humankind. Every plant and creature is exquisitely detailed, drawing your eye in a game of hide and seek.''

- Alice Shirley, (artist and curator) 


My work is about celebrating nature, fusing colour and imagination to create the lushness and beauty of the natural world. I like to add my own twist and take the viewer on a journey to a more dreamlike and fantastical realm - sharing my imaginative vision as to what I would like to find there.

As a child, I was fascinated by the intricacies of insects, newts, frogs, birds and that interest in detail has stayed with me to this day.

My work has always involved wildlife and a love of invention. The intensity of colour has also played a significant part and detail, too, plays an essential role in all my paintings.

The experience I want to give anyone who sees my work is to always see something new. I like hiding small details or creatures in dense foliage to be discovered. I want my work not only to have immediate impact but also to reward closer investigation into the complex, vibrant and overgrown worlds I create. Look closely to see a frog staring back at you or a beetle drinking from a raindrop…





Complex and imaginative in composition, Kate’s work celebrates the plants, animals and insects found in a variety of global habitats with particular reference to indigenous and endangered species. Whilst extensive research informs every painting, Kate imagines habitats from a new perspective, fusing the real with the unreal.

Having obtained her first degree in fine art, Kate subsequently studied at postgraduate level at the Glasgow School of Art and then at Falmouth University where she was awarded her Masters degree.

Kate’s work forms part of many international private collections.